Jeff Ashton Hits Radio Prior to Tonight’s Debate

Prior to their showdown at tonight’s CF News 13 debate , former Casey Anthony Prosecutor and book author Jeff Ashton has released the following ad, attacking his former boss and incumbent Orange-Osceola State Attorney Lawson Lamar.

You can hear the ad here.

Let’s break out the Aww-Snap Meter.

We’ve heard the Bi-Polar radio announcer a thousand times before but, it’s a radio ad and capturing the attention of someone who is probably driving, texting, applying make-up, and arguing with their children in the backseat is essential.

Looking at the attacks, it tries to use Lamar’s time in office against him and that’s effective.

It brings up the 3rd lowest rate in the state and while it’s effective to a casual voter the debate over which cases should and shouldn’t be taken has been upfront the entire race. This isn’t a truth test so I’ll leave that one up to you.

“Jeff Ashton will stand up in court”.. Don’t you have to? When you’re talking to the judge? We both know what it really means but radio time is expensive.

1st to use DNA evidence to convict is nice. It also demonstrates that he’s capable of modernizing the office.

Alright here comes the kicker. You guys ready?

No hint of the Casey Anthony trial. Yeah, she’s got zero to do over the future of the office but voters still link Jeff Ashton’s name, his face to that case. He is still viewed favorably as the man who tried to put her away in public opinion. His book, his face time in the media, the Rob Lowe casting, it all comes back to the trial and unless you’re a political junkie reading this blog you might not put the two together at the polls.

“Experience with the biggest cases”, “Making the hard right decision with the world watching”, “Laughing in the face of those that don’t believe in justice for Orange County”.

That last one is pushing it but, neglecting to use his celebrity now, keeps the ad from it’s full potential.

Ad brings up some decent points and uses some political jiu-jitsu but not using some reminder of his work during the Anthony trial could leave some voters confused.