Wednesday Morning Political Headlines: Lamar vs. Ashton Debate Fallout

Last night was a terrific debate between Orange Osceola candidates Lawson Lamar and Jeff Ashton. In front of Central Florida they traded shots for the majority of the hour and looks like they could have gone on for another two.

What was remarkable was how natural they’re disdain for each other is. You get the feeling that even if they hadn’t worked together for so long, even if there wasn’t the drama around the Casey Anthony trial, that they would go for each others throats on the debate stage.

It also appeared to be a philosophical difference over what the duties of the office entail. Should the state attorney try cases? Should they try to speak to ever single attorney about a case? Or should they work as a manager inside of an infrastructure.

Hands off vs. Hands on leadership. Both can work, it’s depends on the leader.

Who won? If you’re scoring soundbytes, it was Ashton. If you’re scoring punches landed it could be Lamar. See for yourself. The debate will be rebroadcasted on CF News 13, Sunday at 2pm.

This slugfest kicks off your Wednesday morning political headlines.

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