Ashton Launches TV attacks against Lamar in Orange-Osceola State Attorney Race

It’s been the nastiest race in Central Florida this year and the attacks show no signs of stopping.

Casey Anthony Prosecutor Jeff Ashton has gone to the air in his race against longtime incumbent and his former boss, Lawson Lamar. He launched a radio ad early last week and has taken his platform and attacks to the highest level possible in American Politics. Daytime TV.

Here is Ashton’s television ad.

Let’s put it on the Aww Snap Meter.

Hold up. Is that a real courtroom? I know that place. It’s the courtroom at the Orange County History Center

We know real courtrooms are boring and voters probably won’t notice. Still.

Then we’ve got Jeff in the lab, wearing the same tie. One day shoot (not uncommon). More details, nothing big. The ad is filled with familiar talking points that we’ve heard Ashton say during debates and on the local talkers. Message discipline.

Then we’re thrown off a cliff.

We get a still of Lawson Lamar against the backdrop of something that looks like it’s from the “Saw” movies. Did Bane throw him down there? Then this electric shocking noise, as the ad spends it’s second half attacking the opponent.

Then again this is a small race it’s not suppose to be a hollywood affair and the ad accomplishes it’s mission. Barely.

The political math makes sense. Use Ashton’s name ID from the Casey Anthony trial, book deals, and movie dramatizations, throw in some tv/radio ads to remind the voters and paint an incumbent many casual voters might not remember, as the bad guy.

Is it going to work? We’ll see. The ad? Not very impressive.

Starts off with some solid talking points but the dark turn the ad takes is laughable