Sandy Adams hopes Cruz magic leads to victory over John Mica

Political junkies all over the country, including here in Florida, were talking about the Texas GOP Senate run-off that saw Tea Party Favorite Ted Cruz run right through establishment backed David Dewhurst. The contest is drawing comparisons to Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s rise and energizes a Tea Party that will seize the momentum and try to pull off more upsets later this month.

A possible upset here in Central Florida? That would be Freshman Tea Party favorite Sandy Adams taking on longtime Rep. John Mica.

There are plenty of comparisons. Cruz was outspent like Adams will be. Dewhurst had powerful allies in the Texas government similar to Mica’s connections in Washington. Cruz was also the beneficiary of a Sarah Palin endorsement like the one Adams received last month. The one difference? Cruz demonstrated polling power. Sandy Adams hasn’t been able to demonstrate a close race in any polling.

She does a have strong team on the ground. Grassroots is what she does. However, unlike 2010 where she enjoyed strong name ID during her time in the state house, she’ll share a ballot with an opponent many of voters will also recognize and that’s where the battle will really be fought in this race.

“I recognized both of these names. Who do I like more?”

It will also be a test for the Tea Party in Central Florida. There still not fond of Mica’s Sunrail initiative and while Adams also voted for the commuter train, she’s got a far better relationship with the movement than Mica and is far more likely to be accessible and vote their way in the future.

The day belongs to Ted Cruz and in a couple of weeks, Adams will hopes her nationally watched primary has the same ending they watched in Texas last night.

Adams hopes her grassroots campaign can produce Ted Cruz results