Nelson attacks Mack IV and almost puts us to sleep.

Have you ever heard Bill Nelson speak before? At an event or a conference?

Well, if you haven’t let me explain the experience to you. The Senator from Florida will be introduced, usually at a time where food is being served and will receive polite applause. There is a very real possibility that many of those in attendance will have heard old man Nelson before and will usually be interested for about 4-6 minutes.

You ain’t gonna keep Bill Nelson to 4-6 minutes.

So, polite conversation will begin in at the tables. “Who are you here for?” and “Where do you work” and before you know it, people are checking their cellphones and taking bathroom breaks.

Senator Bill Nelson is not an evil man but he’s a lot like that in-law you invited to a family dinner that makes you want to take your plate into the living room.

Anyways, the Nelson campaign decided to drop it’s first attack against likely GOP Senate Nominee Connie Mack IV. Here, take a look.

You still with us? Let’s put it on the Awww Snap Meter.

They led with Hooters. Really? You’re spending thousands on an ad buy and you lead off with Hooters? Give me a break! I bet you Bill Nelson has dined at a Hooters sometime in his life. Don’t attack a candidate for having business ties with a product you’ve used.

Then they go into the barfights and arrests that we’ve already heard a thousand times during Mack IV primary fight with former Sentor George Lemeiux. One of the most frustrating aspects of this ad was the lack of research done.

More talking points. More rhetoric we’ve heard before. The production value is average but the creativity isn’t there. It’s stock photos in a tile with the same shot of Mack IV nodding. It’s boring, toothless, and brings nothing new to the Senate conversation.

It’s the kind of ad you’ll watch once but when you see it again, you’ll start checking your text messages, going to the restroom, and talking with those around you. You’re bringing the Bill Nelson speaking experience into your home.

It lacks creativity, serious research, and does little to convince independents or moderate Republicans. It’s a bad ad.