Huck in town for Mica, Fellow Freshman Fight for Adams

It’s stunt week Ladies and Gentlemen, and in one of the biggest congressional primaries in the country, John Mica and Sandy Adams are pulling out the stops to get the last word in with the voters of the 7th congressional District.

Adams pulls an endorsement from Sarah Palin. Mica counters with Mike Huckabee.

Mica launches a massive tv air attack on the Freshman Congresswoman. She counters with one of the funniest ads we’ve seen this year.

Now with seven days until their primary night showdown. We’ve more fireworks between the longtime establishment incumbent and the Tea Party Favorite.

Huckabee the Former Arkansas Governor, Fox News Commentator, and Conservative Favorite will be in town to officially endorse Mica in Sanford. He’s coming off his Chik-Fil-A support campaign that helped the Fast Food Chain break sales records when the owner was attacked for his opinion of gay marriage.

Adams returns fire with endorsements from fellow Freshman House Representatives from the western side of the state Dennis Ross, and Rich Nugent. She was also endorsed by the Tea Party Express yesterday and Allen West last week. I can’t find an exact count but does she hold more endorsement from the Florida congressional delegation?

Both events are touchdowns. Mica figures to get some valuable ink and tv coverage from Huck’s visit and Adams will get some “Radiation Votes” from those nods in nearby districts.

You get the feeling this isn’t the last card either of these two colleagues turned bitter rivals have left to play.

Huck will be dropping in to stump for Mica