Mack Fights Back “Its time to talk about issues that matter”

This is what I’m talking about.

In a campaign that some have called arrogant, smug, and lazy, during it’s easy Republican primary contest, Connie Mack IV is ready to get off of the couch and take on incumbent Senator Bill Nelson this November.

Have a look at the Webvid Mack IV released today in response to the dull air attack launched by Nelson last week. Here take a look.

“Who cares?”. He’s right. This is the first time I’ve heard Mack IV sound like the nominee and with a little aggression in his voice, Mack IV slams Nelson for talking about Hooters, and his past. Then he goes after Nelson’s voting record and the unpopular policies he’s supported.

“I want to talk about what really matters, fixing our economy, creating jobs, and tackling our deficit”. Also right on. Mack IV is almost in the same boat as Mitt Romney. This race must be about the economy and with unemployment in Florida higher than the national average and job creation sputtering, he must make this race about the economy and what Nelson has (or hasn’t) done to help Floridians.

This is the Connie Mack that can beat Bill Nelson and this is the posture he’s got to keep all of the way until election day.

This is also the Mack that needs to show up to the debates, and he will have to debate on TV this time, there’s little chance he can avoid one. If he can stay aggressive and maintain this kind of swagger with Florida watching on TV, he can win this thing.

Welcome to the Florida Senate Race Connie Mack.