Thompson, Pena, Huckeba Big Winners Tuesday. Your Primary Elections Wrap-up

Tuesday night brought high drama with conclusions to Mica vs. Adams, Ashton vs Lamar, and just the beginning of Todd Long vs. Alan Grayson but there was a lot of other action out there.

Let’s break it all down.

Geraldine Thompson defeats Victoria Siplin.

A lot of anger over how this State Senate D12 primary contest was going. You had former State Rep. Geraldine Thompson running against Victoria Siplin, wife of Gary Siplin, the controversial termed out State Senator. Thompson was outfront in her campaign with a strong, realistic, campaign message. She won the Orlando Sentinel endorsment and made herself available at public forums, and events. Victoria ran a shadow campaign of sorts, staying away from the voters and letting direct mail do most of the work. When her husband started allegedly using his own mail resources to help his wife, it set off alarms and the local media smelled smoke. Thompson walked to a %56 to %44 victory and faces Fritz Seide in the general.

Geraldine Thompson

Marco Pena beats Coach “P” Plasencia, Joe Saunders defeats Shayan Elahi in State House 49 primaries.

In what was a tough to call race in the days leading up to Tuesday, Marco Pena beat Rene Plasencia %52 to %48 in the GOP primary. Pena trumpeted endorsements from Governor Jeb Bush and locally important endorsements from former OC Mayor Rich Crotty and Current Orange County Commissioners Jennifer Thompson and John Martinez. Plasencia ran a fine ground campaign but couldn’t make enough noise to cover the difference. He’ll be back.

Pena will face Democrat Joe Saunders in the general election. Saunders defeated Shayan Elahi %65 to %35. Saunders had more visibility on the ground and benefited from strong fundraising from South Florida.

Marco Pena

Bow-Tie Wins. Voters choose Huckeba and platform in Orange County Tax Collector Race.

Jim Huckeba defeated two other opponents on Tuesday night. Huckeba, who says he will dismantle the office if elected won with 38%. Eliminating the office has been a popular idea with the media, and apparently voters. He’s been careful to illustrate the process to voters, he won’t be able to snap his fingers and save the tax payers thousands. It would be a process possibly subjected to a vote.

Huckeba faces 96 year old Earl K. Wood who wasn’t going to run for re-election before finding out former Mayor Crotty might seek the office. Then this happened.

Jim Huckeba

Damiani and Clarke head to November Run-Off in Orange County District 3.

In the race for Orange County Commission District 3. It will be the two top vote getters Lui Damiani and Pete Clarke. Damiani holds a heavy fundraising advantage with donations from lobbyists, attorneys, and developers and has been able to afford radio ads. Clarke despite mostly walking and talking to voters was only behind %31 to %23. District 3 is looking for it’s first elected commissioner in over two years.

Pete Clarke

Edwards beats Duncan in Orange County District 5:

Incumbent commissioner Ted Edwards was able to defeat Gina Duncan in their D5 contest. Duncan had a couple of decent talking points to go after Edwards with but not enough to convince the voters they needed a change. Edwards’ constituents would be wise to convince him to try to revive the rental car-surcharge that would bring dollars into the community and put a small additional costs to tourist.

Ted Edwards

Randolph Bracy, Bruce Antone, Jason Brodeur, Kelli Stargel and future Florida House Speaker Chris Dorworth all won their respective primary or final races.

Kelli Stargel