POLL: Romney, Obama close in FL. Scott approval rating at %35

In a poll conducted by Gravis Marketing, GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has a slight lead on President Obama, and Florida Governor Rick Scott’s approval rating sits at %35.

The poll surveyed 728 voters and results give Romney a %48 to %45 lead on the President within the margin of error with %3.8. This comes the week before Romney accepts the party’s nomination in Tampa next week for the Republican National Convention. That event should provide a temporary boost in the state polls but the President and the DNC will hold their convention in another swing state, North Carolina, the week afterwards.

Either way it looks like Florida will remain in play for both candidates all of the way until November and will be the most prized battleground state in the country.

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s approval rating of %35 percent will continue to lure out potential challenger for his 2014 race. Florida Senator Nan Rich has already leaned towards running, as well as other rumored challengers like Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, 2010 challenger Alex Sink, and former Florida Governor Charlie Crist who has been seen at several political functions recently and endorsed Bill Nelson in his Senate run against Connie Mack IV.

Scott’s approval numbers this time last year were slightly higher as he went on a charm offensive, opening up his availability to media, making pr friendly public appearances, and vowing to add more money to education. He looks to make similar gains this year by attempting to champion bi-partisan issues that will allow him to hit the road on another similar press campaign.

Look for Governor Scott to hit the road over the next couple of months talking to the media, and pushing his policies