Allen West talks with Political Bloggers

If you’ve never heard about Congressman Allen West from the south part of the state, let me throw some knowledge your way.

He’s a hardened, straight talking, airborne, retired Lt. Col from the United States Army and he’s fearless. The Tea Party favorite arrived in Washington in 2010 and has been slugging it out ever since. It’s his way or the highway and earlier this week he took time out from the campaign trail to talk about the race, capitol hill, and the challenges the country is facing.

And no lie, it felt like I was back in the military again.

West is not a loud-mouthed, blast of hot air behind the podium. His voice is at a lower volume, and his delivery is cold, calculated and seamlessly delivered. He’s one of the media’s favorites in Washington because he communicates his conservative principles in a manner that comes across dignified but never pulls punches.

During the call West told bloggers that Democrats “can’t run on principle because their policies are failing”, when referring to his latest election challenge from Patrick Murphy in his district. Murphy actually followed West after redistricting and the race is expected to be one of the nastiest in the southeast. West also pushed for tax reform and sent warning that if changes aren’t made, unemployment will rise. He preached about developing all of the country’s energy resources, and sent an eerie reminder that the country’s military forces are about to be reduced to WWII levels of strength with defense cuts looming. He also praised the selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate citing his ability to avoid rhetoric and talk about issues, policies, and solutions.

All eyes will on Florida’s 18th in November.