Sunday Morning Political Headlines: Grayson, Castro on local TV

Good Morning,

Lots of good local TV today.

We’ve got an Alan Grayson video linked below. Grayson is in a political slugfest with Todd Long for the 9th Congressional District seat out towards Osecola County.

There is Julian Castro who gave the key note speech at the DNC last month in Charlotte. His star is on the rise and he’s doing his part in Obama’s re-election efforts.

Have a great Sunday. See you tomorrow!

WKMG Local 6: (Video) Alan Grayson joins Lauren Rowe on ‘Flashpoint’

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (Video) Earned Sick Time – Central Florida Spotlight

WESH 2: (CNN) Ann Romney to rally while Obama preps for debate

WOFL FOX 35: (AP) Vice President Biden speaks to 2,000 in Fort Myers

Orlando Sentinel: Where state House candidates in key Central Florida races stand on high-profile issues

CF News 13: Julian Castro and Reince Priebus on Political Connections 130 and 730pm on News 13

Saturday Morning Political Headlines: Horner’s replacement, and more text trouble

A very active Saturday.

We’ve got a story on the search for Mike Horner’s replacement. Last week Horner was named in a criminal investigation and chose to drop out of his re-election campaign. Now, the local GOP has to find a replacement candidate to take on Eileen Game, who has gone from an longshot to a favorite in the race for that state house seat.

We’ve also got more drama with text messages and the Orange County Commission. Those stories lead your Saturday morning political headlines.

WESH 2: (Video) Texts show exchange between mayor, attorney during sick pay vote

Orlando Sentinel: Sentinel Exclusive: Jacobs’ texts show coordinated campaign with foes of sick time

WKMG Local 6: Republicans to vote on Rep. Mike Horner’s replacement

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (AP) Obama calls on Congress to approve refinance plan

WOFL FOX 35: (AP) Will Ohio’s economic uptick be a boon for Obama?

CF News 13: Voter Helpline open to answer your Election Day questions

Text messages exchanged during the paid sick time battle have become an issue in the last week

Por Que Mitt Romney va perder Florida

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El mes de septiembre no fue bien por Mitt Romney

Estabas los cosas decir de libya, que tenia gente pensando que Romney hablo muy rapido de los peligrosos que nosotros trabajan alla. Entonces estabas el record de los 47% en un parte aqui en Florida cuando el dijo que los gentes de estas nacion no va votar para el por que ellos creer que comida y casas es un justicia que ellos merecer. Y tambien hay no gana para el de el media conservador.

El estas perdedendo en Ohio, Michigan y ahor a qui en Florida. Y ahora viene los debattes el proximo semana.

Peor es que el estas perdendo aqui en Florida. Nadie ha visto Romney aqui en Orlando en mas que un mes.

Por que? En Florida, hay mas gente buscando trabaja mas que otros estado. El programma de el NASA shuttle program se ha ido. Gasolina estas caro. Como poder hace?

Obama levanto el gente que quiere a el: todo mundo esta mirando ahora. Con Obama, Michelle, Clinton, y biden visitando cada semanas los votantes por Obama estas despierto.

Ello no confiar Romney: El record de lost 47% trae de nuevo el problem de confiar que Romney tiene.

“el no sabe como nosotros viven”

Eso es que gente piensa. Eso es que gente piensa. todavia no hay un mensaje para los votantes hispanico. Si no poder decir en ingles, como le va decir lo en espanol?

El no esta usando Paul Ryan como el puede :P ero es importante que te decir que paul ryan fue en Orlando el semana pasar. Todavia Ryan es un comunicador muy inteligente. El puede hablar de el economico problemas mejor de Romney.

El es dificil para gustar: Republicanos fue con Romney por que ellos penso que el tenia el mejor oportunidad para ganar, no por que ellos gusto el mejor que los otros. El no mirar deportes, no beber cerveza, y no mirar television. si, yo creo que esto no es importante para guiar la pais pero gente quiere saber que el presidente es un persona quien puede relatar.

Hay un razon que Republicanos quiera Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, y quedo con Rick Santorum para tanto tiempo. Es por que ellos tenia el pasion para los duro tiempo que gentes tener ahora y podia hablar con pasion y cambiar los opinones de los gente y poner lo rabajar para el vision de un mejor futuro para esto pais.

Yo no soy seguro que Romney poder hacer eso.

Romney is losing in multiple swing states because he can’t inspire, articulate, or earn trust

Friday Morning Political Headlines: GOTV efforts exceeding 2008 levels

TGIF. This has been a rough week!

To make things worse our headlines feature a lot of syndicated content. The political world awaits the first Presidential debate between President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney. It’s going to be up to Romney to perform strong and get the naysayers off of his back.

On the local level, GOTV efforts are running at full speed as campaigns tout their phone call and precinct walk numbers. The GOP is declaring that they’ve already past the number of doors knocked by the McCain campaign in 2008 and Orange County has some of the strongest GOTV efforts by both parties in the state.

Here are your Friday morning political headlines.

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (Video) Presidential candidates airing new TV ads targeting Fla. voters

WKMG Local 6: (CNN) Obama, Romney pitch to veterans in Virginia

WESH 2: (CNN) Clinton to campaign with Obama

WOFL FOX 35: Obama using voter registration to stay close in NC

Orlando Sentinel: Texts show lawyer advised Jacobs on sick time

CF News 13: What does your beer say about your politics?

“Wake me up when September ends” Why Mitt Romney is losing Florida

September hasn’t been kind to the Romney campaign.

There were the ill received remarks on Libya, that had some thinking that he pounced to soon on the poor security conditions overseas. There was the dreaded 47% tape of Romney addressing donors, at a fundraiser just down the road in southern Florida. Then there is the enthusiasm gap in the conservative media. Columnist like Peggy Noonan from the Wall Street Journal and Laura Ingram on national radio voicing concerns over the direction of the campaign.

He’s getting his tail handed to him in political battlefields like Ohio and Michigan (where he was born). In states where he was only a few points back in previous months, President Obama has opened up a significant lead heading into the debates next month.

Worst of all, Romney’s grip is slipping here in Florida. No one has seen him in Orlando in a long while.

Why is Mitt losing Florida? A state where unemployment is higher than the national average. A state that has a healthy Tea Party, in pockets throughout the state. The Sunshine State, where the space shuttle program is gone and gas prices are high.

Here is why.

The President woke up his base: Everyone is paying attention now. Weekly visits from the presidential rotation that includes POTUS, FLOTUS, Biden, and even Bill Clinton have most of the President’s 2008 supporters awake and refreshed. The celebrities are off the bench with Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, and even NBA Coach Doc Rivers getting on the stump for the Obama campaign. Wait until the robo-calls start if they haven’t already.

They don’t trust him: One of the demons Romney has been fighting since he was debating last year in the primary was the issue of trust. That 47% tape confirmed the suspicions of skeptical swing voters.

“He doesn’t know us”

Then there are the Hispanic voters that haven’t had a strong GOP message delivered to them. If the Romney campaign can’t package a strong message in English, what the heck makes them believe they can do it in Spanish?

He’s not using Ryan, and Ryan does Romney better than Romney anyways
: Take a look

In all fairness Paul Ryan was in Orlando last week but, the Romney campaign hasn’t been using him the way they should. I understand they don’t want another “Palin” situation that allows the spotlight to veer away from Romney, but Ryan is a sharp guy, a midwestern communicator that can breakdown the economy in a digestible manner for everyday people. They need to use him more and they need to put him in some ads.

He’s hard to like: Yeah, I know about the “Who would you rather have a beer with?” non-sense but, Mitt Romney won the primary because voters believed he gave them the best opportunity to beat President Obama, not because he was necessarily the most popular.

Now we’ve found out that his “human” side hasn’t been hidden but, perhaps has never existed at all. It’s just not the way he’s wired.

This guy isn’t a big sports fan, doesn’t watch television, or drink beer. While, many don’t believe that’s a job requirement to lead the country (I’m one of them) it still matters to the Americans that want to know their leader can get fired up and passionate about the country. They want a President that they can not only follow but, love and if Romney can’t convince the voters that he cares about them, then they’re not going to care about him.

There was a reason Republicans begged Chris Christie and Jeb Bush to run, and why they clung on to Rick Santorum for so long. They had the ability to use their passion to inspire, and inspired supporters are the ones who will walk neighborhoods until their feet are sore, their skin is sunburned, and their bodies are dehydrated. Inspired supporters will take that energy and use it to convince the undecided, because they’ve got the emotion and they’ve got the conviction to sell the candidate’s vision.

I’m not sure Romney can do that.

Romney is losing in multiple swing states because he can’t inspire, articulate, or earn trust