Buddy Dyer reveals details about possible new Soccer only Stadium in Orlando

Today, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer spoke to WFTV about the details of a new Soccer-only stadium in Orlando (FULL STORY HERE).

The Orlando City Soccer organization has waged a full media blitz campaigning for support in the community, with the goal of wooing the MLS in an effort to be awarded a professional franchise.

In the report Dyer reveals that the new stadium will be built just a short distance away from the Citrus Bowl (which is also being renovated), the new Performing Arts Center, and Church Street. It also says that the city paid more than 4 times what the land was worth for the location, 8.2 million for the parcel.

Orange Count Commissioner Fred Brummer speaks out against using tourist taxes for the stadium. The staunch, termed out, Apopka lawmaker continues his unpredictable behavior regarding tax dollars. Last week he voted to use 9 million dollars of taxpayer money to fund a pedestrian bridge for Universal Studios.

The article says he will be a tough sell, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs is always a tough “yes” on projects like these without answers for potential problems, and Commissioners Ted Edwards and Pete Clarke voted against the pedestrian bridge, if that behavior continues then the votes might not be there to use that revenue.

Still, public support for the stadium is there, and Buddy Dyer has been on a winning streak with ventures like this one, stemming from the “Triangle of Venues” (Amway Center, Performing Arts Center, Citrus Bowl) to Sunrail, and more condos downtown.

This will be one of the more interesting developments to watch this year.