Jennifer Sullivan announces candidacy for Florida House District 31 race


The field of Republicans running in the Conservative 31st District of the Florida House just grew even bigger, and the new edition brings an exciting dynamic to the contest.

Youth Development Leader Jennifer Sullivan announced her candidacy early afternoon for the district that contains parts of Northwestern Orange and Lake County. The incumbent is termed out Bryan Nelson who will be running for Orange County Commission District 2 next year.

“Over the past few months, I’ve been meeting with friends, leaders, and elected officials across the state as I explored the possibility of running for State Representative. I have been humbled and encouraged by the favorable feedback and insights I have received. After much consideration, I’m excited to announce that I’ve officially filed to run for the Florida House in District 31. The journey begins…” Sullivan announced on her Facebook Page, which has almost 200 likes within 24 hours of its creation.

If the name and face, look and sound familiar it should. Sullivan’s mom is Tea Party Leader and former Congressional Candidate Patricia Sullivan who, despite lack of fundraising dollars, raised a grassroots army in her primary. She would eventually lose to incumbent Daniel Webster but beat out a couple of wealthier competitors. If Jennifer has that charisma on the stump and can turnout those kind of volunteers, she’ll be an immediate factor in this race.

Sullivan enters a crowded field with a couple of contenders and a few early on pretenders. There is Businesswoman Terri Seefeldt, and Health Care Exec Randy Glisson who have shot out of the gates with solid fundraising and events. There is also Betty Hensinger who has some campaign funds but no online identity. There is Joseph B. Stephens who’s been silent altogether, and Belita Grassel who’s actually been spotted on campaign reports donating to Democrats in other races.

Jennifer Sullivan is the newest candidate for Florida House District 31

Jennifer Sullivan is the newest candidate for Florida House District 31

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  2. russell patten on

    Is this candidate 21 years old? Are the qualifications 12 years of home schooling? Are there any real details available about the candidate? This seems unsettling.

  3. aisha triplett on

    The last time she sent her kid to knock on my door I told her son I was not interested.I then googled her because the name was familiar. What a surprise she is the daughter of Patrica.Now I would like to say stay off my property. I am not interested in your brand of politics or the obstructive ways of the republican party in general.While the party has had control of my state we citizens have seen fees rise resources diminished drastic cuts to schools with more coming and religion pressed into every aspect of life.Don’t even get me started on guns issues.I try to be fair but since my wishes to save a tree and not leave fliers on my porch was not followed I must say that I hope this woman never makes it to the capital for she is the perfect example of what is wrong with this state and the rest of this country.My best hope is that none of these people get into office and must let you know that I don’t intend on voting for her or any of her cronies in the next election(and yes I do VOTE).