Demings Campaign Announce Campaign Kick-Off for Saturday

The Val Demings Campaign has announced that her campaign for Orange County Mayor will Kick-Off on Saturday, April 5th at Lake Eola Park which will begin at 11am. An email to supporters had this to say.

If we weren’t excited before, we certainly are now. We’re building the largest people-driven movement Orange County has ever seen and we’re kicking it off April 5.

Our supporters have been passionately getting ready and we’re eager to get started. We hope you will join us next Saturday. Click here to add your name and join the movement.

Like many of you, I have been inspired by Val Demings and I can see the leadership she will bring to Orange County. Val is truly someone who will serve us as she has always done.

One of the first supporters I met in this campaign was Grace. Grace works about 50 hours a week and is working to put herself for school. She told me that she’s just looking for a leader who will skip the political scandals and the waffling and simply work for the families who live and work here.

It’s people like Grace who are fueling this movement. It’s why we’re putting in the extra effort everyday. And it’s why I will walk on Saturday.

It’s past time for Orange County to have a leader who gets it. Stories like Grace’s are why it is so critical that we elect Val Demings in August. It’s why I’m asking you to join me and so many others when we launch our field campaign and take these issues to the voters on Saturday. Please join us!

The former Orlando Police Chief and Congressional Candidate hopes to defeat Incubment Teresa Jacobs later this year.

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