The City of Orlando’s Underwhelming New Website Looks Like a Political Blog

Today, the City of Orlando rolled out it’s new website and unlike so many other things that the City manages to do well, this site is rather underwhelming.

First, take a look at the product HERE

What’s going on there?

Here is a screenshot.

City of Orlando Website

This design looks like the layout used by many of my talented colleagues in the world of on-line Political Publishing, except way less impressive.

You’ve got a featured story image carousel, social media widgets and a table with a message from Mayor Buddy Dyer.

That’s it. There aren’t even any drop down menus.

How much did we pay for this thing? Why is it so plain? Did the Mayor himself sign off on it?

I could have designed it in about 2 hrs. I find it hard to believe Buddy Dyer would approve. He doesn’t do cheap (we definitely know that) and usually has better taste. It’s just so unimpressive. There needs to be Flash. It needs to be easier to locate what you’re looking for. I want a video welcome message from the Mayor.

It needs to be better. It needs to be redone.

It needs to be more like Orange County’s Website. A true, interactive experience where visitors can lose track of time while doing research. You can visit the County’s site HERE