Libertarians trying to rise in Seminole County for 2016


There are currently 5 candidates from the Libertarian Party of Florida running for State House.

3 of them are in Seminole County.

After carving out a niche that made them an x-factor in last year’s Gubernatorial contest, Libertarians in the state, and right here in Central Florida, will be trying again in 2016, to measure if they’re message believing “the most desirable method of organizing society is the natural order that arises when the unalienable rights of individuals to life, liberty and property ownership are respected and protected.” is ready to stand next to Republican and Democratic platforms.

While Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie, only garnered 4% of the vote and was a sub-plot in the war between Rick Scott, and Charlie Crist, he managed decent turnout during his appearances last year. Fellow Libertarian and Attorney General Candidate Bill Wolhsifer even managed to draw a television debate invitation and was able to share the stage with Pam Bondi and George Shelton.

Here in Seminole County, we will have a Libertarian primary between Franklin Perez, and Steven Edmonds. Perez has made a name for his campaign in past years by holding events in exotic dancing establishments. The winner will challenge incumbent State Representative Jason Brodeur (R-Sanford) in House District 28, who has defeated Perez the 3 previous election cycles, and remains frienldy with his regular opponent.

The third candidate David Leavitt, will challenge incumbent Scott Plakon (R-Longwood), in the 29th district, which is one of the most red districts in the state. The Republican Party rallied around Plakon in 2014, and he remains one of the most well like lawmakers in the region among Conservatives. Attempts to reach Leavitt for comment on this story were unsuccessful.

Libertarian nominees in both races face uphill climbs to remain competitive. In the past analysts have believed that while certain aspects of the platform appeal to the moderate voters, the right candidates, and fundraising base to deliver that message hasn’t been there.

With almost a year and a half it’s like more Libertarians will file to run for various offices around the state. Will 2016 be the year they finally break through?

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  1. Franklin Perez, 2016 Libertarian Candidate for the Florida State House of Representatives (District 28), states the following:

    As many of you are aware, Steve Edmonds and I will be running in the second Libertarian Party primary in the state of Florida in year 2016 for the Florida State House of Representatives (District 28). In fact, it will also be the second Third Party primary in Florida.
    I have run for the Florida State House with a Libertarian platform in years 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014. I have been a long-time committed Libertarian activist and candidate for more than 10 years. And no matter what the outcome, I will be running again in year 2018 for the Florida State House with a Libertarian platform; so, I am not a “wash-in-the-pan” or “fly-by-night” recent Libertarian candidate that is here today and gone tomorrow. This is a long-time commitment that I have made to myself and the voters that every two years, as long as I am financially, mentally, and physically able to do so, I will run for the Florida State House district that I live in with a Libertarian platform; the voters in the Florida State House District that I live in will always in every two-year cycle, be able to vote for a Libertarian candidate.

    I look forward to the challenge of a second Libertarian Party Primary election. I went through one already back in year 2010.

  2. Franklin Perez, 2016 Libertarian Candidate for the Florida State House of Representatives (District 28), states the following:

    In the above article, it mentions that I held “fundraisers in exotic dancing establishments.” That is incorrect.
    1) I never collected a dime at any of my Meet-and-Greet events at a Gentlemens Club.
    2) The only Gentlemens Club I have ever announced a Meet-and-Greet for was at Rachels Gentlemens Club in Casselberry, Florida, which is the Gentlemens Club I like to go once a month to enjoy myself watch seimi-nude beautiful ladies dancing in front of me.
    3) These were not Fundraising events. These were Meet-and-Greet announcement events that I announced to tell people the time and date to meet me at Rachels Gentlemens Club in Casselberry in a very enjoyable, informal, and safe environment to socialize and get to know me.
    4) If someone would like to help me do any Fundraising Event at Rachels Gentlements Club or anywhere else, please contact me at

    I just wanted to state that for the record.