Organize Now! hits mailboxes pushing for Medicaid Expansion


Organize Now! A progressive group of Community Activists, are hitting mailboxes during the ongoing special session pushing for Medicaid Expansion.

The group is sending out attack mailers to State Representatives Mike LaRosa (R-St. Cloud), Mike Miller (R-Orlando), Bob Cortes (R-Longwood), and Jason Brodeur (R-Sanford) that should be arriving in their respective districts in the coming days.

“Nearly a million hardworking Floridians are still in the gap because of the inaction of our state lawmakers. They will be held accountable for their decision by both us, and their greater constituency.” said Stephanie Porta, Executive Director for Organize Now! in a message to the Observer.

Last week, the House turned away a Senate Plan that would have allowed the uninsured to began shopping for coverage on a private exchange, without enrolling in Medicaid until next year. Governor Rick Scott, along with House Leadership say the federal government can’t be counted on to cover the financial costs involved with implementation, and that 5 billion dollars in the next 10 years will default to the tax payers.

The current budget impasse that faces the legislature was further aggravated when the federal government pulled the state’s LIP (low income pool) funding, which had been used previously to cover the uninsured. A portion of the 2.2 billion dollar gap is expected to be restored but the difference will have to be covered by budget cuts in other areas.

Organize Now! Is expected to have a busy weekend. On Saturday and Sunday they will be canvassing in Miller’s 47th District, and Cortes’ 30th district. The group also announced they will be flyering at the lawmaker’s places of worship (story HERE).

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