Tallahassee Mayor Pro Tempore Gil Ziffer Elected President of Florida League of Cities



Gil Ziffer President of Florida League of Cities

Tallahassee Mayor Pro Tempore Gil Ziffer Elected President of Florida League of Cities


At its annual convention this past weekend in Orlando, the Florida League of Cities elected its new president.  Tallahassee Mayor Pro Tempore Gil Ziffer officially took over the reigns after serving on its Board of Directors since 2012.  Holding many positions throughout the League of Cities including several local and national positions and serving as chair of the Florida League of Cities Legislative Committees in 2016, Ziffer is well-prepared to lead the Florida League of Cities during his 2017-18 tenure.

An ardent proponent of Home Rule, Ziffer’s platform “Let Cities Work!” is an initiative that will encourage local government autonomy.  Proponents of Home Rule claim that it creates more effectiveness, responsiveness, and fairness within all sizes of government.  Ziffer has been an active Home Rule advocate for both the Northwest Florida League of Cities and the Florida League of Cities since 2011, earning the 2017 Home Rule Hero Award.

In a statement to the Orlando Political Observer, Tallahassee Mayor Pro Tempore Ziffer declared, “Democracy at its core is government for the people and by the people which is best determined closest to the people.”  He went on to comment that, “Local government determines and delivers the quality of life services our neighbors look for when they move to Florida. One size doesn’t fit all which is why local government best responds to local needs.”


As for the Legislature, Ziffer stated, “We’ll be taking that message to House and Senate members before and during the 2018 Legislative Session.  We’re not asking for anything more than to Let Cities Work! You’ll be hearing that a lot over the coming months and so will the Legislature.”
The Florida League of Cities formed as a group of municipal governments in 1922.  It is now a united voice and works to serve the needs of Florida’s cities and promote local self-government.  Their membership now represents more than 400 cities, towns, and villages within Florida.

Ziffer has served on the Tallahassee City Commission since 2009 when he was selected to serve the remainder of vacated seat term. In August 2010, he was elected to a full four-year term on the City Commission and subsequently re-elected in 2014.  He has filed to run for re-election in 2018.




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