Gov. Scott Urges College and University Presidents to Accommodate Students Assisting With Irma Efforts


Schools have been reopening in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, and the state’s colleges and universities are no exception.  College students tend to be young and engaged, eager to lend a hand to those in need after such a disaster.  Florida Governor Rick Scott urged the presidents of Florida’s institutions of higher learning to accommodate students who may be volunteering their time to those in need at this critical time, saying:

Floridians need these brave men and women now more than ever as they work side by side to execute emergency response actions across the state, including life-saving search and rescue missions, delivery of critical resources, removal of debris from our roads, and staffing of emergency shelters for Floridians who are unable to return to their homes.

As your campuses begin to re-open, it is important that each of you are mindful of your students who continue to serve during this disaster. Many of these students will not be able to immediately return to their studies because of their selfless service, and I ask that you do everything possible to accommodate those men and women who put others before themselves in times of crisis.


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