Mayor Jacobs Reassures Residents That Orange County Will Apply for Federal Assistance


In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, many residents are concerned about assistance to those who need it.  Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs issued the following statement reassuring Orange County residents about the status of federal assistance:

[W]e’ve received numerous calls concerning the ability of counties in Central Florida to seek federal assistance for those properties that may have been impacted by Hurricane Irma. I want to assure you that our Orange County team is experienced and engaged.  We began the application process on Sunday, even before the full effects of the Hurricane Irma were in full effect.

In order for the State of Florida to seek to add Orange County to FEMA’s official list, they needed to receive an official estimate.  We just received that estimate from the Orange County Property Appraiser’s Office as of 4:30 p.m. today, which we provided to the state.

This will allow us to move forward with the process of assisting residents and property owners in seeking federal assistance.


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