Orlando District One Fundraising Totals 2017 Election


Two candidates for the seat in District 1 in the City of Orlando continue to have a quiet battle before Election Day. Commissioner Jim Gray and challenger Tom Keen have both qualified for the November ballot as we move closer to Election Day. There’s a newcomer, though, as former Orlando mayoral candidate Sunshine Grund has entered the race.


Keen has been in the race since early 2017 while Grund recently jumped in at the beginning of September. Here are their September fundraising numbers.


Jim Gray (Incumbent)

Gray raised $7,425 for September. That brings his total to $48,200 raised so far. Gray has proven to be a prudent candidate as he’s only spent $5,517.24 for the entire race.


He spent a paltry $25.43 in September, all fees from internet payments.


Gray’s top donations came from LOMA Endeavors, Beachline North, Carlsbad Orlando, and Bal Bay Realty. He has a mini-war chest on hand for when he has to spend on mail and media. But as of now, Gray is quietly running a strong re-election campaign.


Sunshine Grund

Grund is new to the race and has yet to report any fundraising activity.


Tom Keen

Keen is Gray’s main competition as Grund likely entered too late to make a real impact. For the month of September, Keen raised $2,250 to bring his total to $21,558 raised so far. Keen is spending money as fast as he can get it as he has $16,261.86 in expenditures for his campaign.


In September, Keen spent $2,675.68 with most of that going towards two different consultants, You Should Run out of Winter Park, and Blue Ticket Consulting in St. Petersburg.


Keen’s largest contribution came from the Ironworkers as they gave $1,000. The rest came from individuals, ranging from $50 up to $250.


He’ll have to continue to raise a decent amount to stay competitive with Gray. But by paying consultants such large amounts, which has drained his campaign account, one is left to wonder if Keen will have enough to get him to the finish line.


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