City of Longwood denies police endorsement of Matt Morgan, despite claim


Having made law enforcement support a talking point of his campaign, Matt Morgan took to Facebook to claim an endorsement from the Longwood Police Department on Thursday. The Longwood Clerk, however, denied any connection to the city, despite Morgan’s claims.

“Official endorsement from the City of Longwood Police Department,” Morgan wrote. “Yeah, they know he’s the best man for the job!” Later, the wrestler posted a picture of what he described as an “Official letter from the Longwood Police Department stating their endorsement of Matt Morgan for Longwood Commissioner District 4.”

The letter posted, however, appeared to be from a group called “Teamsters Local Union” based out of Orlando, signed by a business agent named Gary Conroy. The Observer reached out to the Longwood Police Department and learned the group making the endorsement has no connection to the city of Longwood.

“The Teamsters Local Union No. 385 is not part of the City of Longwood and I am not able to confirm or verify their endorsements,” said Longwood City Clerk Michelle Longo in a statement to the Observer.

Prior to posting the disputed claim of police support, Morgan spent most of Thursday answering questions about the maximum contribution his campaign received from the Central Florida Greyhound Association. Local law enforcement has long opposed the Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club efforts to expand gambling in the city, citing public safety concerns. According to the OPO research, there have been 75 emergency 911 calls placed related to the Kennel Club since 2016 with multiple arrests being reported.


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