Chris King Visits Union Local to Announce “Better Jobs Grown at Home” Plan


Orlando, Florida – Today, Chris King, Orlando-area affordable housing entrepreneur and Democratic candidate for Governor, visited Communications Workers of America Local 3108 to announce his “Better Jobs Grown at Home” plan. Chris King’s plan outlines a series of proposals that will lift up working families and create well-paying jobs by focusing on existing Florida small businesses, jobs of the future and safe work environments.

Chris King Said The Following
“Too many Floridians are stuck in low-paying jobs that barely cover the bills, and they don’t feel they have a shot at moving up the ladder,” King said. “Nearly half the jobs in Florida pay less than $15 an hour. Our top priority must be how to grow the economy and create more jobs that pay well and offer a chance at advancement.

“Two out of three new jobs created in the United States are created by small business. So if we’re going to create more — and better — jobs we need a boom in starting and growing small businesses in Florida.”

Chris King’s “Better Jobs Grown at Home” Plan includes:

  1. Offer Free Florida College System (community colleges) and Public Trade School: College graduates may earn over $10,000 more than their peers with high school diplomas. As Governor, King will offer free tuition for Florida College system schools to qualifying students. This will help more Floridians secure well-paying jobs in growing industries like healthcare, education, and technology.
  2. Help Floridians Pay off Student Loan Debt: Among student loan borrowers, 41% have delayed purchasing a home and 25% are delaying starting a business due to the debt of student loans. It is possible to help students with loan forgiveness while also helping to fill areas of need in the state. As Governor, King will encourage college students and graduates to live and work in Florida by offering loan forgiveness to those who go into critical professional fields.
  3. Encourage Investments in Strategic Communities: Almost 45% of all businesses owned in Florida are minority owned, and one in three Floridians are employed by a small business. As Governor, King will work to expand opportunities for small businesses owned by women, minorities, veterans, persons with disabilities, and to urban, rural, and green business. This will help spur economic growth across the state, from the rural regions of North Florida to the urban centers of Central and South Florida.
  4. Foster Safe and Diverse Workplaces: For 10 years, a bill to protect LGBTQ individuals from discrimination has been in the Florida legislature waiting to be passed. As Governor, King will make sure the Competitive Workforce Act is passed so every Floridian has equal protection under the law.
  5. Increase Funding to Florida Small Business Network:: For too long, Florida’s Republican leaders have invested in giant out-of-state corporations that are responsible for bring low wage and unsustainable jobs to Florida. As Governor, King will increase the state’s investment in the Florida Small Business Development Center Network, which uses state, federal, and private funding to help entrepreneurs and small business owners create, retain, and save tens of thousands of desirable jobs across the state.
  6. Improve Access to Early Stage Capital: One of the biggest challenges to starting a new business is lack of access to startup capital. Governor Rick Scott recently vetoed line items in this year’s budget that would have invested millions in local accelerators and entrepreneurship programs. As Governor, King will look to encourage programs like StartUP FIU, Tech Runway at FAU, the Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research, and other programs that can link entrepreneurs with capital they need to succeed.

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