Seminole County students are the first in the state to go through new coding curriculum


Students in Seminole County are the first in the state of Florida to go through a learning course teaching computer programming.

The national computer science program, Code to the Future, chose two local schools in the state to teach the course. The schools chosen were Altamonte Springs Elementary and Pine Crest Elementary in Sanford.

The course teaches coding, a form of language that makes up everything we do online and makes it all work. The curriculum began to be taught at the beginning of the school year, and students have already designed their very own video games.

The Seminole County school district hopes to get ahead of the changing times and incorporate courses like coding that students can take with them into the future. The district has a goal that every student learn computer science curriculum at the appropriate level by the year 2020.

Coding offers opportunities for students to use to launch a successful career. Many believe it to be the most successful job skill to have. Companies are now requiring candidates to know some form of coding, even jobs not usually associated with it. It’s a useful skill for anyone to have in this technological era. Teaching these students early will only help them in the future.


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