Orlando Sentinel: Morgan was hit with federal liens by the Internal Revenue Service in 2011 for failing to Pay $36,803 in taxes dating to 2004,


According to the Orlando Sentinel: 

Matt Morgan was hit with federal liens by the Internal Revenue Service in 2011 for failing to $36,803 in taxes dating to 2004, according to court records. He and his wife have been paying the IRS monthly for the back taxes for years, and “we’ve never missed a payment,” he said.

Why is this relevant?  If he can’t manage his own taxes, still owing thousands to the IRS, how can he possibly manage taxpayer dollars and a budget over 30 millions dollars

Based on research conducted by the Orlando Political Observer, Matt Morgan failed to pay more than $30,000 in taxes dating back to 2004,. According to official IRS documents, the wrestler was subjected to a Federal Tax Lien for unpaid tax balances.

It appears Morgan has attempted to pay some delinquent taxes that was separate that was in his name and his wife’s.  We found a Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien for taxes owed in 2005 and 2010. No supporting documentation to show the other remaining tax balances was found. According to the IRS, a tax lien is imposed when an individual fails to pay property or income taxes. The liens issued for Morgan specified unpaid balances for Form 1040, which indicates a failure by Morgan to pay income tax.


Matt Morgan IRS

According to our research, the amounts of unpaid taxes by year are as follows:

2004 – $3,098 in unpaid taxes

2005 – $3,684 in unpaid taxes

2007 – $794 in unpaid taxes

2008 – $8,642 in unpaid taxes

2009 – $20,584 in unpaid taxes

When the OPO reached out to Matt Morgan, the candidate cited $30,000 of elective IVF treatment he and his wife underwent in 2009. Morgan wrote in an email, “In 2009 we went through 2 bouts of IVF trying to have a child and were charged over $30,000.” However, by 2009 Morgan was already subjected to tax lien’s totaling $16,000 in unpaid taxes prior to those treatments being sought.

When pressed, Morgan shed some light on part of his motivation for running for office, mentioning a video diary that he was doing for the USA today, which is “going to be on their website whether I win or lose this election. And it includes everything that I am doing every single day, I’m supposed to be recording it as it pertains to my first time experience in running.”

Stay tuned to the Orlando Political Observer for more information on this story.


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