Graham Congratulates Virginia Governor-Elect Ralph Northam

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham released the following statement congratulating Virginia Democrat Ralph Northam on his election victory:

Congratulations to Governor-Elect Ralph Northam and congratulations to the people of Virginia — they are the real winners tonight. Voters across the country, from St. Pete to New Jersey, are voting for a brighter future. Come 2019, I look forward to working with Dr. Northam and Phil Murphy as partners in defending our states’ public schools, environment, and economy from Washington attacks.”

“The three unhappiest Republicans in the country tonight aren’t Ed Gillespie, Kim Guadagno and Rick Baker — they’re Adam Putnam, Richard Corcoran, and Ron DeSantis. Voters are fed up with Trump-style campaigns and in 2018 we are going to defeat any Republican that runs on the politics of division.”


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