Rep. Bobby Olszewski Is Off To A Quick Start Files Three FL House Bills

HB 487 (Senate Companion Steube SB 634)
An act relating to trauma-informed services for children; amending s. 394.495, F.S.; prohibiting a child who has suffered sexual exploitation from being placed in a generic shelter setting when safe-harbor or trauma-informed housing is not available; requiring the Department of Children and Families to assemble a team of specified experts to determine the safest placement for the child; providing criteria for placement; providing an effective date.
Rep. Olszewski – “Unfortunately child sex-trafficking is a serious problem in our state, especially here in Central Florida, so it is critical we ensure rescued child victims throughout Florida are receiving the specialized care they need.  This bill enables these children to receive the necessary treatment they require, providing resources in an appropriate environment leading to a successful path to peace and prosperity in their lives.”
HB 555 (Senate Companion Baxley SB 642)
An act relating to deferred presentment transactions; amending s. 560.404, F.S.; revising the maximum interest, fees, and charges that deferred presentment providers or their affiliates may charge, collect, or receive in deferred presentment transactions; reenacting s. 560.111(5), F.S., relating to prohibited acts, to incorporate the amendment made to s. 560.404, F.S., in a reference thereto; providing an effective date.
Rep. Olszewski – “As a former Winter Garden Commissioner serving an economically challenged community, in addition to serving as the Orange County Community Action Board Chair, I have personally experienced how important it is to reduce debt, build credit, and break the cycle of poverty in families and communities.  Our honorable veterans are capped at 36% APR for their loans, as this bill ensures hard working families in Florida are given the same protections.”
HB 559 (Senate Companion Stewart SB 156)
An act relating to Florida black bears; creating s. 379.3018, F.S.; providing a short title; defining terms; prohibiting the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission from allowing the recreational hunting of Florida black bears mothering cubs that weigh less than 100 pounds under a black bear hunting permit; specifying a penalty for the unlawful harvesting of saw palmetto berries on state lands; authorizing the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to designate certain habitats and to update such habitat information as necessary; amending s. 590.125, F.S.; prohibiting prescribed burns in certain designated habitats during specified times; providing an effective date.

Rep. Olszewski – “Central Florida has seen an increase in black bears becoming more prevalent in our residential communities.  This bill will ensure saw palmetto berries, the main staple to a bear’s diet, are not harvested on preserved state lands in addition to protecting young cubs and their nursing mothers.  With these additional protections, we can reduce the need for bears leaving their natural environment to search for food.”


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