Political Rumor Mill: Will John Morgan pick Joel Greenberg as his Lieutenant Gov. Would Greenberg Accept?


John Morgan continues to flirt with the idea of a run for governor. Though not fully confirmed, many assume Morgan is going to make the jump from experienced attorney to governor in the near future.

High level sources tell us there have been discussions and considerable polling done to show that Florida wants a bi-partisan ticket for governor.

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Morgan isn’t your typical progressive, nor is Greenberg your typical conservative. Such a pairing could be just what Florida needs. The Democrats believe this could be the chance to take back the governorship once and for all. Republicans feel Greenberg could be a check on more liberal policies.

People high up in the political spectrum representing both Republicans, Democrats, and Independents have confirmed they are pushing for a Morgan and Greenberg ticket. It would bring about more voters and support over a broad spectrum.

Morgan has talked to our publication before about restoring the rights of felons and medical marijuana. Both Morgan and Greenberg are for more efficient and smarter government.

Morgan hopes to push for legalization of medical marijuana. He has an enormous following of people hoping for full legalization. He also has supporters who appreciate his support and endorsement that helped get medical marijuana passed in Florida.

OPO has reached out to Tax Collector Joel Greenberg and John Morgan, both have not responded to our requests for comment.

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