Opinion Citrus Republican Party: Does The President Deserve Our Support


If we put aside all the swamp attacks and concentrate on the facts the answer is more than ever he deserves our support.

One only has to take a look at how foreign government’s fully support his policies. Look at what he has done for veterans, the economy, and small business, law enforcement. Illegal immigration has been reduced and he has yet to fully address that issue. Only a year in office and he has already accomplished more for this country than past President’s. Regardless of the left rhetoric these accomplishments cannot be denied.

So what seems to the problem with Congress regarding the President’s legislative attempts? To answer that we have to go back to the campaign where he made a statement no other candidate ever made, he broke the cardinal rule. He said he was going to “Drain the Swamp” and that my friends is the present problem. A politician never mentions the swamp, it’s their major source of personal income, it’s what we all call corruption. So the swamp is fighting back and don’t be confused, the swamp is the only thing in Washington that is bipartisan.  All parties are involved in the swamp.

  So should we support our President?  I believe it is our duty to do so; he has taken on an epic battle, which no one has ever done before. All the attacks against him and the administration directly or indirectly come from the Swamp. It is now on us to contact our Congressional representatives and demand they support the President, to keep his promises and the promises of the Republican Party. It is time for America to stand up for what is right, to clean up government and most of all to Make America Great again.

                                                                                    Frank D. Lovell

                                                                                    Citrus County Republican Party

                                                                                    Inverness, FL.


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  1. I am so sickened by the foolish antics of the President and his enablers in the Republican party that I changed my voter registration to Democrat at the DMV the other day. This, after 45 years of being an Independent who has voted Republican several times and share several conservative views.
    I am looking forward to the culminations of all these special investigations to find out who the REAL corrupted folks in Trumps circle are and who continues to support them 🙂

    All of Trumps foolishness, pettiness and vendettas would be entertaining if not for the real lives he is toying with.
    Although Trump can certainly take credit for some things mentioned in Franks opinion piece, His poor behavior over all makes me contemptuous of the man and not worthy of my support in any capacity other than as Commander in Chief whom I hope the Generals have on a sufficient leash 🙂