Florida Highway Patrol help in search for serial killer in Tampa


Tampa has a serial killer on its hands after a fourth victim has been shot and killed. The Seminole Heights neighborhood is where the murders have been happening. Residents are understandably alarmed.

The area is on high alert after four people were killed in a six week time span. Police in the city are looking for extra help with the matter to bring the murderer to justice.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers from across the state have been sent to the area to search for the perpetrator. This will allow for law enforcement to send their officers to other areas of the city for normal duties.

“That’s what people need to realize, we are intense in one neighborhood, but we have the rest of the city,” said the city’s Police Chief, Brian Dugan.

On October 9th, police found Benjamin Edward Mitchell, 22, killed at a bus stop along North 15th Street and East Frierson Avenue.

Then, on October 13th, a gunman shot and killed Monica Caridad Hoffa. Her body was found in the early morning hours near the intersection of East New Orleans Avenue and North 10th Street.  Hoffa, 32, was shot on October 11th, according to Tampa Interim Police Chief Brian Dugan.

On October 19th, police find a third victim in the same neighborhood. Anthony Naiboa took the wrong bus home when he was shot and killed Thursday evening.

The fourth victim was found on November 14th near North Nebraska Avenue and East McBerry Street. Ronald Felton was crossing the street when he was gunned down.

The Tampa Police have received over 3,600 tips to date for the murders. All the victims were killed within a half mile area north of downtown Tampa.

Law enforcement agencies from across the state and country have been helping aide in the search, including the FBI and ATF.



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