Florida attorney John Morgan unlikely to run for governor as a Democrat


John Morgan said he won’t be running for governor in tweets over Thanksgiving weekend. Morgan, a well known and prominent attorney in Central Florida, has flirted with a run for governor for months.

Morgan has made a name for himself as a successful attorney and outspoken advocate for the use of medical marijuana in Florida.

Morgan tweeted on Friday that after spending Thanksgiving with friends and family, “I can’t muster the enthusiasm to run for the nomination.”

He followed up with a subsequent tweet that if he does run, it won’t be as a Democrat. He said he was changing parties and “if I ever ran,” it would be as an Independent.

When asked to clarify his statements, Morgan said in a message that he would “never say never” to running as an Independent.

The cryptic information has many scratching their heads and wondering if he may run as an Independent now instead of as a Democrat in the near future.


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