Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum Announces new Gubernatorial Campaign Manager


Tallahassee Mayor and Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum announces the hiring of a new campaign manager:

“As the Democratic primary field finally settles, we are thrilled to welcome Brendan McPhillips as our new campaign manager. Brendan is an unapologetic progressive who will bring new ideas to this race, and help us ensure true Democratic values are a part of every conversation between now and Election Day,” said Geoff Burgan, the campaign’s Communications Director.

“I’m very excited to join Team Gillum this week. The Mayor has an unmatched progressive record, from beating the gun lobby in court to standing up against oil pipelines, and I know that in 2018 we are finally going to take back the Governor’s Mansion. We won’t get there by running Republican Lite — we have to be bold to convince this state that it is time to put a Democrat in charge again,” said Brendan McPhillips.


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