Seminole County Fl Clerk Of Courts Grant Maloy Rolls Out New Online Records Searching Capabilities


Grant Maloy Seminole County Clerk Of Court has announced big changes. The New Public Records Search Available To Seminole County Residents. To Search for criminal records click here   
The civil records search was added last month Civil search click here
“Maloy told the OPO that the records go back to 2007, anything before that you would have to go into the clerk’s office.  Maloy said he was getting an incredible response by lawyers who use the system the most, and he is working on digitizing county commissioner minutes going back 100 years”

Citizens of Seminole County, Florida can now search online for criminal cases, using the Seminole County criminal records search feature. Grant Maloy, the Seminole County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller told our publication that the records go back to 2007.

This live database of seminole county criminal court case records is a big win for Maloy. He’s been in office less than one year, and has already followed through on a campaign promise for the database.

This new seminole county criminal records search system allows for easy access to important information that anyone can access on the Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller website.

Seminole County now has a very similar system compared to Orange County’s database. Orange County’s criminal record system goes back to 2009 and allows anyone to search for traffic cases, civil cases, criminal cases, family and probate case records. Orange County started their online records system over a year ago.

Both criminal record systems allow anyone that has access to the internet get valuable criminal case record information. Both counties have excellent systems that offer clear information and ease of use.

For more information on the new Seminole County system, visit


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