Hurricane Irma Debris Removal Enters Phase Two


Contractors working to remove Hurricane Irma debris for Osceola County have entered the second phase of collection. The first pass focused on trees and vegetative debris. The second pass involves collection of fencing, construction debris, as well as large stumps and trees, which require specialized equipment.

While there is no specific timeframe for this process, contractors have picked up more than 174,211.5 cubic yards of debris in the wake of Irma. Based on estimates of the total amount of debris in the county, there is less than six percent remaining for collection.  In addition, the County closed its four citizens’ drop-off sites earlier this month because activity levels no longer justified operations.

The ongoing collection by the debris contractors is separate from regularly scheduled curbside collection. The contractors are part of a process related to debris still remaining from Hurricane Irma.

New debris (separate from Irma) should not be mixed in with hurricane related debris. Anyone with concerns or questions regarding the second pass of hurricane debris collection or how to properly dispose of regular household and vegetative items, should call 407-742-7750.


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