Andrew Gillum; Adam Putnam trade barbs on Twitter? Calls Putnam A Racist


Andrew Gillum; Adam Putnam trade barbs on Twitter?


Is Gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam a racist? That’s so according to Andrew Gillum, mayor of Tallahassee. At least in part.


Gillum, running for governor as well, accused the agriculture commissioner of using racist language on Twitter to describe sanctuary cities.



The two went back and forth with Putnam releasing a video responding to Gillum’s comments, stating that Gillum’s comments were “unfortunate.”


The crux of it all is Putnam’s assertion that sanctuary cities are unsafe and will subject Floridians to “violent illegals” who don’t belong in the state.


Gillum, ever the Twitter protagonist, responded by saying that “”illegals” is not a noun.”


Not to be left out, Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran, also running for governor, chimed in with a response of his own.



If this is what we have to look forward to in 2018 out of the cavalcade of candidates running for governor, sign us up.


But going back to the issue of sanctuary cities and so-called “illegals,” is this an issue that Floridians care about? A February poll conducted by Florida Atlantic University showed that 52 percent of Floridians polled support sanctuary cities.


All three candidates are likely pandering to their bases with Putnam trying a little harder to prove that he’s a conservative.


But the issue of sanctuary cities wasn’t the focus of a conversation on a random Twitter afternoon in December. It was three candidates vying for governor of Florida having a spat on social media.


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