Governor Scott Sends Letter to State Attorney Ayala Seeking Explanation for Missing Death Penalty Deadline


Following State Attorney Ayala’s failure to meet the deadline for filing a Notice of Intent to Seek the Penalty of Death in the State of Florida’s case against Emerita Mapp, Governor Rick Scott’s Office sent the attached letter to State Attorney Aramis Ayala. The letter requested information from the State Attorney’s office by December 11th, including:

  • The procedures of the death penalty review panel, the number of cases reviewed and the number of cases that have resulted in an unanimous decision to seek the death penalty;
  • The date on which the panel unanimously recommended the death penalty in the case against Emerita Mapp and the date State Attorney Ayala accepted that recommendation; and
  • Explanation of State Attorney Ayala’s decision to refuse State Attorney King’s offer of assistance in developing a procedure to review cases for death penalty consideration.

See the full letter HERE.

**UPDATE: The following update was received from the State Attorney’s Office on December 6, 2017.

The Death Penalty Review Panel considered and unanimously recommended death on the case of State v. Jimmy Gary Merritt (2017-CF-013832).

The Orange County Grand Jury issued an indictment of first degree murder this afternoon and a death notice has been filed.


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