State Senator Linda Stewart Seeks to Repeal Ban on Regulating Plastics


State Senator Linda Stewart (D-Orlando) today unveiled legislation that repeals the sweeping prohibition on state agencies and local governments from enacting regulations on plastic bags and other single-use plastic objects.

“As long as these prohibitions remain on the books, improperly discarded plastic materials will continue to impact Florida’s wildlife, marine life, landfill operation, and flood control systems because proactive regulations cannot be implemented,” said Senator Stewart. “We need each city and county to act as they see fit and allow home rule to be reestablished.”

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection produced a report in 2010 at the direction of the Legislature on the “efficacy and necessity” of regulating auxiliary containers, wrappings, or disposable plastic bags and highlighted various sets of policy options. In 2008, the Legislature found that it is crucial to the welfare of Florida’s ecology and economy to regulate these recyclable materials, but placed a prohibition on any regulations until such recommended policies were adopted.

Senate Bill 1014 has been filed for the upcoming 2018 legislative session. Representative David Richardson (D-Miami Beach) has sponsored a companion bill in the Florida House of Representatives.


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