How the killing of Net Neutrality could kill local businesses and startups


Now that the FCC has repealed Net Neutrality, many people are worried about the far reaching complications of such a ruling.

In Orlando, many are worried about the major impact here at home. The Net Neutrality rules that were in place offered a more level playing field for even smaller businesses to compete on a global scale.

The old Church Street Exchange in Downtown Orlando is home to Canvs, a brilliant nonprofit co-working space. The space caters to startups focused in the tech industry. The mission of Canvs is to make it easier for anyone to start a growing, profitable company in the area. These innovative spaces thrive off of the use of the internet, which helps users bring their ideas to life and reach customers everywhere.

Orlando’s favorite apartment search engine,, utilizes a corner office at the Canvs location. This local business connects residents in Orlando with affordable apartments that are searchable by budget and lifestyle. There isn’t a physical address for this business, and its services exist solely online. Net Neutrality protects this business and many others like it.

The fear is that tech startups will lose their sure-footed platform giving them a decent chance to grow and become profitable businesses. When the FCC voted to kill Net Neutrality, it essentially took away these companies’ safety nets. The odds are already stacked against them, whereas the Internet helps level the playing field.

On December 12, 407apartments displayed an alert on their website to show users what the web could potentially look like without Net Neutrality. The message read, “URGENT… we have just days to stop censorship, throttling, and extra fees online. Congress needs to hear from Internet users like you right now.” The message also directed visitors to the option of contacting members of Congress.

In a press release issued on December 12, 407apartments Founder and CEO Pete Zimek said in a statement, “Net Neutrality is critical for tech companies here in Orlando that want to compete on a global scale. “The free flow of information on the internet has allowed cities like Orlando and Tampa to compete with Silicon Valley and Boston.  Without Net Neutrality, the cards will be stacked against Orlando’s emerging tech economy, and it will be much harder for us to create high paying jobs in Central Florida.”


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