Osceola County begins works on new Fire Station 73


Osceola County has broken ground on the new Fire Station 73 this month. This will be the third of such stations that use a prototypical design in place for all new stations.

Station 73 features a 4-bay design, which will lead to quicker and efficient response by firefighters. The 12,456 square foot station will have concrete tilt-wall construction, as well as a community room that can be used for group meetings.

The new station is near Reunion, and the entire project will total $5.6 million when complete. Arnco Construction is completing the project, and expected to finish work in the fall of 2018.

Station 73 will be built and designed to withstand severe weather events that are quite common here in Florida, withstanding up to 150 mph wind speeds. This will allow for quicker response after a weather event.

In a statement released by Osceola County, County Commissioner Peggy Choudhry said she sees this as a commitment to the community. “This is another example of our commitment to public safety. We’ve made significant investments in our fire rescue service to protect our residents’ lives and property over the last few years. Because of this our firefighters will be safe and our citizens will be better served,” said Choudhry.

There will be an overall savings cost because of design efficiency. It’s being used in a number of stations already and all new stations thereafter. It allows personnel to respond quicker and with more efficiency, which will save them time when every second counts in an emergency.


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