Abandoned animals, lost property and automated vehicles—Olszewski tackles current and future problems during first legislative session


Representative Bobby Olszewski narrowly overcame a crowded Republican primary field to launch his career as a state lawmaker. Now he begins his first term tackling more challenges, seeking to solve current and future problems.


Olszewski has at least three bills to his name this session. One bill makes it easier for people to reclaim lost or abandoned personal property. Central Florida is a theme park mecca in which thousands of items are lost or abandoned each year. This bill will change the protocol by which lost items are handled by the parks and law enforcement to make it easier for owners to recover.


A second bill prohibits people from leaving animals outdoors or unattended during an emergency evacuation order. Taking lessons from the recent storms which ravaged Central Florida, the proposed law would seek to crack down on animal neglect, while making certain exceptions for when animals cannot be evacuated with the owner.


While the first two bills seek to solve current or past problems, the third bill addresses automated vehicles, a future problem and a growing concern among lawmakers. The bill requires the Florida Transportation Commission and Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to take a long-term approach and consider infrastructure improvements needed as the use of automated vehicles increases.


The transportation bill unanimously passed a transportation subcommittee this week. If history is any indication, Olszewski may have trouble getting all his bills to pass. The Florida House is not always kind to freshman lawmakers. Stay tuned to the Orlando Political Observer for updates on issues of interest to Central Florida throughout the legislative session.


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