Mike Miller Advances Bill to Protect Businesses from Sunbiz Scams


While cybercrime and identity theft have long been concerns for individuals, a loophole in Florida law has made business owners vulnerable to identity theft. Representative Mike Miller is seeking to close that loophole with a bill that passed a committee stop this week.

Individuals may use the Sunbiz website to make a change to the registered agent on a business and begin to receive notifications for that business without the actual business owner knowing.

“What you didn’t know is that you or I could onto Sunbiz.org, change the registered agent and henceforth receive all of the correspondence that was intended to go to that corporation,” Miller said in testimony before the committee, adding that the corporation would not know about this fraud until the following year when they renew their corporate documents. The law would require that email notification be sent when a change is made to the registered agent, or a traditional mail notice be sent if email was not available.

“Imagine if a lien or a suit was brought to the attention of the corporation, they would never know,” Miller argued. “The consequences could be disastrous.”

The bill passed through committee unanimously. Stay tuned to the Orlando Political Observer for updates on its progress through the legislature.


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