2018 Election Update: District 2 Orange County


This past weekend in Orange County, many municipalities celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day by hosting parades and events in his honor. It’s an easy way to respect the man many consider to be a good barometer of America’s social conscience. During these events, many candidates and elected officials show up to pose for the community by passing out candy and hearty hand waves.


Each was out in full force this weekend. From candidates running for mayor to those gunning for county commission, the parade routes were full of convertibles situated with a dignitary sitting on top of the back seat.


Those running for Orange County Commission District 2 came out to interact with crowds as well. Orange County School Board member Christine Moore filed to run for the seat that current commissioner Bryan Nelson holds. In December, Moore raised $3,275 to bring her total to $25,375.


She’s one of the best-financed candidates in the race and continues to do well monetarily. Moore has only spent $2,462, so she has plenty of cash on hand moving forward.


After Moore comes former commissioner Fred Brummer. Last month Brummer was able to raise $2,600, bringing his haul to $50,428. That’s 25K more than Moore, but Brummer filed to run in June of last year while Moore just filed in October of 2017.


Brummer is a familiar face and name and will continue to rely on that recognition in fundraising and when it comes time to vote.


Next up is Mark Byrd, another candidate who hasn’t had any trouble raising money. His December saw a small number, just $1,100 raised, but he’s pulled in $42,305.50. More than Moore but still less than Brummer.


Byrd obviously has some type of popularity in Apopka as he has raised a decent amount of money. But will it be enough to overcome the celebrity of a sitting elected official and a former one?


Lastly, there’s Patricia Rumph. In the race for over a year, Rumph is having a tough time reeling in donations. She raised $175 in December and has just $9,275 overall. Rumph has shown that she’s not a money magnet, so she’ll need to rely on a healthy ground game to fend off Brummer, Byrd, and Moore.


All three of the aforementioned are Republicans with Rumph being the lone Democrat. But county commission races are nonpartisan, so Rumph will have to find creative ways to show the area that she’s a Democrat.


Overall, there are three candidates fighting for the soon-to-be-open seat on the Orange County Commission. While there’s still time for Rumph to make noise, there isn’t much of it remaining for her to kick her candidacy into high gear.


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