Affirm by Gazelle offers a safe financing alternative for the latest technology


Sponsored Post Most people have old devices laying around, such as phones and tablets not in use. People have known for years that Gazelle is the place to check online first when selling devices. They offer more money, quickly and efficiently. Gazelle now offers safe financing for the latest in technology.


Affirm, a new financing alternative from Gazelle, allows customers to pay securely and over a reasonable period of time. Use the technology of Affirm instead of credit cards and other credit payment options. Buy your next phone or tablet from Gazelle, and use Affirm instead of another form of payment.
Get cash for your iPhone!

Get instant purchasing power securely with instant financing. Buy and receive your purchase now, and pay for it in fixed monthly payments. It’s that simple. Choose either six, twelve or eighteen-month payment options.

Affirm offers a safe and secure option when purchasing the latest in electronic devices on Gazelle. Affirm prompts you to follow a few simple steps and relay some identifiable information, and that’s it. You’ll get a real-time decision for your particular purchase.

There are no hidden fees with Affirm through Gazelle. You will know up front exactly how much you will pay. Choose how many months you want to pay for. Get the latest technology without waiting to save up for it. Get it now and pay for it over time securely with Affirm.
Get cash for your iPhone!


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