DeSantis Statement on Passage of Budget Agreement


  Rep. Ron DeSantis (FL-06) issued the following statement on passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act:

The budget agreement provides our military with long-overdue resources and certainty.  Years of operating under arbitrary spending limitations and a seemingly endless flurry of continuing resolutions have taken their toll on readiness, which hurts our troops and harms our national security.  The Trump-Mattis military restoration authorized by this agreement will be the most significant fortification of the military since the Reagan defense buildup that helped end the Cold War.

The agreement also provides relief for hurricane-affected communities in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.  From mitigating crop losses in Florida to restoring power in Puerto Rico, these are priorities that need immediate attention.

Military funding and disaster relief have previously passed the House of Representatives but have languished in the Senate.  Indeed, the Senate has proven institutionally incapable of passing annual appropriation bills for the military.  Apparently, the only way the Senate will meet key national needs is to demand a ransom in the form of more profligate spending in other areas.  This provides further proof that structural reforms, such as a balanced budget amendment, are needed to discipline Congress and protect taxpayers.

While meeting the urgent needs of our military and disaster-affected communities outweighs the agreement’s fiscal shortcomings in this instance, it is unfortunate that such fiscal shortcomings  have become a staple of these bipartisan deals.


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