Rep. Darren Soto Reacts to News of Rat Infestation in Kissimmee Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Office


Donation supplies bound for Puerto Rico were contaminated by a rat infestation in the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA) Kissimmee office.  It is not known how many boxes were on the property.  The old, dilapidated office was previously infested with rats in August, prior to the storm.

U.S. Rep. Darren Soto issued the following statement when this news was reported:

“I am outraged that these essential supplies were not delivered or did not have adequate storage in Kissimmee. Puerto Ricans relied on these donations during a time of crisis! If reports are true, this is a huge disappointment not only for Puerto Ricans on the island, but also to the countless Central Floridians who contributed to the donation banks.

“There are many non-profits such as CASA, the Red Cross, and others, who continue to gather food and supplies for victims of Hurricane Maria, both in Florida and in Puerto Rico. While we investigate this matter further, we encourage those who have continued donating to reach out to local non-profits working on relief efforts.”


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