Bauer Resigns From Seminole County School Board To Focus On Health Related Issues


Jeffrey Bauer, the Seminole County School Board member who suffered a stroke two years ago, notified Governor Rick Scott of his decision to retire and focus on his long term recovery.   The Bauer Family also released the following statement.

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Bauer Family Statement:

Over the course of the last five years, our family has endured several personal tragedies that many families in the United States go through. It began in 2013 with the sudden heart attack and death of our mother, Diane Bauer, School Board member for District 1. Her son Jeffrey was graciously elected to represent the same district in 2014. Unfortunately, he suffered major health issues that began with his first stroke in December 2015. He has continued to fight and go through painful rehabilitation while enduring a brain hemorrhage, a blood clot, and another stroke. Jeffrey hoped to overcome these major health problems and return to his public duties after being released from inpatient rehabilitation. Sadly, the rehabilitation process after these brain injuries is slow and his release has not happened. He has resigned his position from the school board as of February 13.

If all this was not enough tragedy, our family home suffered a devastating electrical fire. All this we have endured. The one thing that we cannot abide is the treatment we have received from the certain press outlets. This may be just another news story to some, but it is our life story. The years of public service that our mother and her son Jeffrey have given to Seminole County will not be reduced to small press clippings or brazen gossip suggesting malfeasance. Let us not forget that the real lesson to be learned from these tragedies is that it can happen to any family without warning. Please go to and learn the signs of a stroke and visit the American Heart Association to learn about heart attack prevention.


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