Commissioner Emily Bonilla Protests Bill That Would Change Rural Boundaries


Commissioner Bonilla released a statement urging State Representatives in Tallahassee to vote “no” on Florida House Bill 883:

“They are slipping into an HB bill to make anything within 3 miles of UCF “urban”, which will include the Lake Pickett developments area. They are using State Legislators as a way to get around the Administrative Law Judge recommendation to the Governor and Cabinet that the development is INCONSISTENT because it is an “urban” development in a “rural” area according to our Comprehensive Land Use Plan. ”

Two of the main points HB 883 includes are:

  • Every 10 years – an initiative or referendum to create a rural boundary or urban development boundary must be voted on during a general election.
  • The planned development of land within 3 miles of a state university campus will be classified as urban service area or within an urban development boundary and may not be classified as rural land.

HB 883 was tabled on Monday, March 5, but can come before House Representatives later this week.

Commissioner Bonilla’s election campaign was built on opposing the Lake Pickett development, known as the Grow, and she is scheduled to speak in front of the Governor and Cabinet Meeting in Tallahassee on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.


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