2018 Campaign Update: Orange County School Board District 7


The latest candidate to file to run for school board in District 7 is Jeffery Lynn Richardson. According to the Orange County Supervisor of Elections website, Richardson filed to run at the end of February. That brings the total candidates to four.

Melissa Byrd, s a former Orange County teacher, continues to raise good money. In January she pulled in just over $7,000 and added another $5,350 in February to bring her total to $18,540 raised. As mentioned in previous articles about the school board, these races aren’t money makers and don’t garner too much attention.

Byrd is the longest serving candidate in the race by about a month. The other long-term candidate is Eric Schwalbach. He filed in mid-January and loaned his campaign $2,000 to start. He has not raised any money.

In addition to these three comes Todd Lamphere. Like Richardson, he’s a newcomer, filing his paperwork at the beginning of February. He’s raised nothing but did loan his campaign $2,000.

While this race is still new as no candidate has more than three financial reports, Byrd is the early frontrunner. Her husband knows the political landscape of the county like the back of his hand and she has an early fundraising lead.

That’s not to discount the other candidates as there is still plenty of time for them to make waves and raise money.

This race, like many others, hangs in the balance as current District 7 representative Christine Moore has filed to run for the Orange County Commission in District 2. She must resign her seat to run, and if she changes her mind, these candidates can either drop out or wait until 2020.


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