Political Rumor Mill: Will Teresa Jacobs run for school board chair in Orange County?


Teresa Jacobs, the current mayor of Orange County, might make a run for school board chair. We heard this rumor from two sources involved in local politics.

This is an interesting choice, since she lacks a background in education. Jacobs has a degree in economics. She served on the Board of County Commissioners representing District 1. She was elected in 2000 and re-elected in 2004. She left the seat in 2008 due to term limits.

It seems Jacobs may be looking for further opportunities in Orange County. Term limits again make it necessary for Jacobs to vacate her seat and look elsewhere.

Having served two terms as mayor of Orange County, she must now move on. Jacobs was elected mayor in 2010 and subsequently re-elected in 2014.

It’s only natural for Jacobs to look to continue her career after vacating her latest seat. But will it be as the new school board chair in Orange County?


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