Elswick Signs Pro-Life Pledge


Today, the Shannon Elswick Campaign announced that he has signed a pledge stating his commitment to honoring human life at every stage and has called on his primary opponents join him. Elswick sent copies of the Pro-Life Pledge by certified mail to Monica Wofford and Anthony Sabatini. All three are Republican candidates for the District 32 seat in the Florida House of Representatives.

“By signing this pledge, I am making it crystal clear to District 32 voters that I will never waver from my conviction that life at all stages must be valued and honored,” said Elswick. “I will never support any legislation that undermines that belief, and I hope all candidates in this race will join me in the same commitment to life from conception to natural death. With the Parkland tragedy still very much on our minds, it is more clear than ever that state officials have a solemn responsibility to do everything possible to protect life. Our founding fathers understood the importance of this fundamental principle, and I look forward to continuing to work to create an even stronger culture of life in Florida.”


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